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About Samuel

With a background in media, communications, and finance, I'm a professional communicator and a spiritual seeker who is also a certified Enneagram teacher and spiritual director. My mission is to empower others with deeper insight and a vision for change.



I'm an ecumenical Christian who grew up evangelical and converted to Catholicism in college. I've studied world religions and Catholic theology, and I hold a BA in Political Science, International Studies, Philosophy, and German from Hope College. I have experience with Ignatian and Franciscan spiritualities, and I'm an alumnus of Richard Rohr's Living School for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I received my training in spiritual direction from Sacred Journey Spiritual Companioning in West Dundee, Illinois. I have attended and worked with Transforming Community—a retreat-based formation program led by Ruth Haley Barton.


I've beeing working with the Enneagram since 2012, and I learned the Enneagram studying under Fr. Richard Rohr. I've also received direct training from Russ HudsonChristopher HeuertzTom CondonLinda RobertsMichael Naylor, and Clare and Scott Loughrige. I offer Enneagram workshops nationwide, and I'm certified in the "iEnneagram" system, an International Enneagram Association (IEA) accredited training program.

Spiritual Direction

I am privileged to walk with others as a spiritual companion in the practice of spiritual direction. In this role, I'm called to work with a diverse group of people from all backgrounds and experiences. My particular areas of interest for spiritual direction include spiritual growth, the Enneagram, "deconstruction," ecumenism, meditation, mental health in spirituality, sexuality, and changing religious beliefs/identity. I especially love walking with people in places and seasons where they feel alone, stuck, uncertain, or misunderstood.


As a writer, I've written for Christianity Today, Barna, Leadership Journal, the Practice, and more. I co-host the Ask a Spiritual Director podcast, and I'm the creator of Enneathing You Need, a digital newsletter about "the Enneagram in and for real life."

I live with my spouse, Katie, and our Great Dane-Poodle mix dog, Ozzie, in the western suburbs of Chicago.


Samuel Ogles, SD

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